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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can attend a Party?

We have a minimum of five guests for a local party and ten guests for traveling parties. Parties 20+ miles from Chalfont, PA are considered traveling parties

Where are the parties held?

The host is responsible for providing the space for the party. Private parties are typically held at the hosts home but you may choose to rent a space depending on party size.

What does the host need to provide for the parties

The host provides the space where the party will be held as well as guests (of course!). We have tables and chairs that can be provided if needed.

How long do the parties typically last?

Depending on the amount of guests the parties usually take 2-3 hours.​​

Do you offer custom designs if I have my own design idea?

Absolutely! We charge $10 extra for custom designs. You will receive a proof of your design before the event so you can approve the design and fonts. 

What is the cost of hosting a party?

There is no fee for hosting a party! We charge per sign and cost is dependent on size. Our prices start at $35 and go up from there. If the party has 10+guests (not including the hostess) the hostess will get a $35 credit towards any sign they choose.

Can I make more than one sign at a party?

Of course!

Are painting parties only for adults?

No way! We have done numerous childrens birthday parties and the signs turn out AHH-MAZING! This is an experience for all ages!

How do we pay for our sign?

You will pay at the party. We accept cash or credit cards.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any other questions.

We look forward to working with you

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